We Don't Just Produce Milk, But... White Gold! 2/22/19

February 23, 2019

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

We at Full Circle Farm are very happy to be liars and produce, not milk, but the most nutrient dense white gold anywhere.  This is said tongue in cheek as we have heard it said that if you say you produce 100% grassfed milk in Florida's sandy soils "You must be lying".  Anyone who would say such a thing does not in the least understand the basics of white gold production.  They are being mislead by commodity farmers who produce crops by tilling the soil which is where they lose all organic matter, and then they take these crops and store them, fermenting them to keep them from spoiling, and then feed them to the cows. We let the cows go out and get the grass themselves, why till soil and plant crops? We rotate the cows daily to new pasture letting yesterdays grass rest and regrow. With this system we have gone from .05% organic matter in our soils to 3% and increase of 6 times in just 10 years time! This organic matter holds 75 thousand gallons of water per acre, and with the holding of the water in the top 10 inches of soil, it also holds nutrients galore.  These nutrients produce healthy nutrient dense grass that our cows thrive on and in turn produce our nutrient dense white gold from. This only happens when you rotationally graze the cows, do not feed grain and do not till up your soils and plant crops. We plant winter rye and summer peas without tilling up our soil.  We will never till our soil to plant these and as our organic matter continues to increase the seed grows better and better without fertilizer. We do not use chemical fertilizer. Some of the folks saying we are liars grow all the food the cows eat then harvest and store it and bring it to the cows who are housed either in barns or mud lots. The challenge with either of these is cows poop an average of 12 times per day so barns have to be cleaned and mud lots are not just mud if you understand what I am saying. While they do not in the least understand what we do here, we do not understand why they continue to do what they do there.  It comes down to two completely different paradigms, one is sustainable, one is not.

One thing I do understand is that when I spoke of an uptick in orders last letter we then got a 1/3 increase in orders in ONE, TWO WEEK CYCLE. The result was we were not able to fill all the orders.  We do not know what is causing this surge of interest but hope it is from the truth coming out Re the value of 100% grass fed, rotationally grazed cattle. The truth always does come out and the farmer will continue to produce what the customer wants so I encourage the truth seekers out there to continue to ask questions and visit farms. We invite anyone who wants to visit here to come and stay a few days, if you like, and see our operation, first hand.  You may see everything we do here and you may ask any question you want, and if you find a better deal on milk anywhere tell us so we can go learn from that farmer. Our milk has more nutrients in it, period, and thus is the best deal. For anyone wanting to stay on the farm a few days and learn or check us out we have a cottage which is very nice, 2 older RV’s not fancy but ok to camp in, an upstairs barn apartment and a shed as well as tent camping space a plenty.

Stevia:  Our good friends in Bolivia found a wonderful Stevia product we are sharing with our costumers here.  Try this Stevia and see if its not the best tasting anywhere.  It is grown with out the use of any chemicals so is "organic" but not certified.  Here are the details they sent us: The stevia leaves are grown and processed in the country of Bolivia. This is a blend of 70% stevia powder and 30% fructose powder. The fructose is derived from apples and pears (most likely also all grown in Bolivia, but I'm not positive). Many people prefer this product because it has no undesirable stevia aftertaste. It has been proven safe to use for diabetics, and is a good alternative for sugar in drinks, cooking, baking, puddings, etc. One 80-gram bottle lasts a long time, as the stevia is highly concentrated and you only need to use a tiny bit to sweeten drinks or desserts.

A Must Read: I am reading a very good book called Call of the Reed Warbler by Charles Massey. YOU gotta read it!!  If you are a patron you will better understand our land healing methods and the greater community globally that does this. If you are a farmer you will better understand the maturing community, globally, that has many different faces.

A Local Event:  Our friends, 10 minutes from us, are doing a gig on farming with horses.  We will be a part of it and would love to see you there...in October. How is that for advanced notice!: https://sustainablefarming.wixsite.com/october19th2019

A 5lb Chinese cabbage that was just harvested! (see picture) We have an abundance of greens growing in our garden, that we are offering for sale.  See them here.

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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