Your Health And How It Relates To Minimalism 6/14/19

June 14, 2019

I, Alicia, was listening in on a conversation about a woman who was having tooth pain.  Apparently, a crown that her dentist had put in, had broke and it was causing her so much pain, she was desperate to get it fixed.  She made an appointment to visit her dentist for the next morning, arriving at 9AM when the office opened.  The dentist did not arrive until 11AM and because the dentist was already behind schedule, did not have time to fix the tooth but told her what she would do to fix it, at a later time.  Meanwhile, the pain was increasing and she had fear of a possible infection.  She left the dentist with tears in her eyes and went across the street to another dentist.  This dentist did help her by prescribing pain medication and antibiotics but she would have to set an appointment to fix the bridge, which, if she did everything that dentist recommended, would cost $3,000.  This would be out of pocket since the lady and her family did not have insurance.  As the conversation continued, others were chiming in on their own experiences with good dentists and the drama of working with bad dentists and root canals and tooth pain, and of spending exorbitant amounts of money.  I also contributed to the conversation somewhat but what I really wanted to say was, "If you were healthy you would not need a dentist.  You could avoid spending all that money, avoid the pain, avoid broken bridges or crowns, avoid the emotional stress of waiting in a dentist's office for 2 hours and then not even receive the help you need."  This has been our family's experience.  We eat good, wholesome, nutrient dense food.  We eat plenty of good fats that help our bodies absorb the calcium and phosphorous (fat soluble vitamins) to build our teeth and bones.  We do not eat highly processed, sugar laden foods that rob your body of nutrients, the end results being teeth filled with cavities, teeth having to be pulled, pain and stress. Not to mention thousands of dollars either spent on insurance or as needed, like the $3000 mentioned above.  Our family has never even needed a dentist and I could not help feeling so grateful for our health and for the knowledge we have to avoid the whole broken food/medical  system controlled by the pharmaceutical and big food/ag companies.  We are having different results because we are not eating the SAD (Standard American Diet), we have stepped out of that system and are reaping the blessings.  has been a catalyst for us, to improved health and the elimination of the need for dentists and doctors.  Which brings me to the topic of minimalism.  Minimalism is being free from the bondage of "stuff" but being free from the bondage of ill-health and all that comes with it is very relate-able.  When I was listening to the above conversation, what I felt was an overwhelming sense of the freedom my health provided me.  So here, we are medical minimalists, and are thankful that we can go to the hospital for an emergency situation, like a broken bone (we had to do that once).  But, we are even more thankful that we have chosen another path that takes us out of the clutches of big pharma, big ag, big food companies that only care about profit.

Along with medical minimalism we are also proponents of "stuff" minimalism.   I, Dennis, would like to share the below links as food for thought, pun intended, all connected. Eat this food for thought, take some time to digest it then get busy!
I have subscribed for several years now to this “becoming minimalist” blog which has been quite a Blessing to me. This guest post really hit me and upon further investigation, I find it quite good so I pass it on to you, for your enjoyment: https://www.becomingminimalist...

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Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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