Real Goat Buttermilk - Pint

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This is the real deal y'all! A delicious by-product of our Goat butter, this buttermilk is salty with bits of butter still in it. Use it in recipes or just drink it!

Our goats are rotated on our fertile pastures where they get to eat all the grass, vines and shrubs to their heart's content. In order to keep our goats parasite free without the use of chemicals and in radiant health they get about 4 cups of soaked barley a day. The barley is soaked 24 hours with organic apple cider vinegar and Copper sulfate (A natural wormer). After the barley has soaked we add Dolomite (calcium/magnesium and to offset any copper toxicity) and Sulfer (for external parasites and amino acids). They also have kelp, salt and hay free choice. Non GMO and Soy-Free.