A New Yogurt Product, A New Drop Location In Jacksonville and a New Documentary Featuring FCF 3/8/19

March 8, 2019

Spring is here to stay, at least we hope so after 2 days of frost, and we have an announcement we are excited about. We did not buy any hay this year. We were given 15 cows and 9 bales of hay and we did feed that but for the first time we did not buy any hay. Our cows ate green grass instead, all winter long. Jimmy taught us a lot about how to do this 5 or 6 years ago and we have been perfecting it and getting better and better each year. This year we did it! Hay has its challenges. Buying good hay that does not have chemicals in it is hard to find and the cows do not do as well on it. Grass is better, healthier for the cows and makes a better nutrient profile in the meat and milk. So, this is something to strive for and we are excited that we were finally successful this year. We still have lots to learn and it will be something we work on for many years.  It could happen that we feed hay again in the next few years but not unless we have to, as we are convinced that the nutrient density of the milk is better on green grass than hay. Jimmy deserves much credit for helping us achieve this and he just informed me he has a new book out which you can find here………https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N16JSV8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_i7EsCbB3MMSFSI have not yet read this but will soon and can recommend it just from all he shared with us already.

A New Drop Location In Jacksonville:  Heads up, we have a new pick up location in North  Jax area 10 minutes from the airport.  Robert and Christy Goodson have a 3 acre homestead and will be doing some of their very own farming, so we see this as a partnership of sorts, hoping to work together with them to get goods to Jax folks. The good thing about this stop is that we will have a fridge there, so for the first time we will have a drop location where you will be able to come later in the next 24 hours to pick up goods. We are very excited about this because we know it’s often a challenge to get to the pick up locations at a very specific time. The Goodson's are located at 820 Camden Rd. S.,  Jacksonville, FL 32218. This location will be open for our next delivery on the 21st.  There will be 2 options here, 1 option is to pick up from our driver at 11AM and the 2nd option is to have it left there for later pick up.  There is no fridge available, yet, so your order will be left in a cooler on ice.  It will need to be picked up during daylight hours, on Thursday. There will be a $3 storage fee for orders left for later pick up.  Please be sure to only choose the 1st option if you can be there at 11AM.  If you have any doubt please choose the later option as we pack the orders differently depending on if we will be leaving it for later pickup or not. Fridge/Freezer needed.  If you have or know of an old fridge/freezer that you would like to donate or sell to us in the Jacksonville area, please let us know.

A Farm Documentary:  In 2017 we had the privilege of hosting the Rhodes family while they were on their “Great American Farm Tour”. Now, I’m happy to say their documentary (which includes a feature of us) has been published on Amazon! You can now be inspired by what we and many others across the country are doing to grow our own food. Check out the documentary, “The Great American Farm Tour”, HERE. http://bit.ly/FarmTourOnAmazon

A Killer Among Us:  https://uspirg.org/news/usp/popular-weed-killer-found-top-beer-and-wine-brands  This chemical is so pervasive in our environment now, that you cannot get away from it (just google Glyphosate in breast milk) but you can educate yourself on it and expose yourself as little as possible. Several years ago we picked blueberries at a local u-pick that said they were "no spray." But something did not seem right, our baby at the time was reacting to the berries, what to do. We went back and took a second look, a little less trusting now and more questioningly, wondering why a healthy child, but our youngest, was reacting to the berries picked at this place, and only him, not the rest of us. While picking I noticed the  perfect dirt pathways around the blueberry bushes, where no grass was growing.  How could there be no weeds or grass without chemicals? So I asked specifically if they use Roundup and the reply was “oh yes we do but not on the blueberries, just around them."  So, to them no spray means no spray “ON” the berries but for me no spray means……… well ………none anywhere near my berries. Several years ago we found out a dairy that sprayed millet 24 hours before harvesting it and feeding it to dairy cows. When I was first told of it I did not believe it but verified every bit of it. By the way, this could be 100% grass fed!!

New products:  Already on the website is Vanilla Yogurt sweetened with the stevia we are selling. The next product we want to make available is cream cheese. We started using cream cheese since going keto and do not like store bought so we are making it for ourselves, if we use it maybe others will need it too?  We hope to have it available soon. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgQ-OmwGaGU oh boy, you gotta see this too! About the brain and healthy ways to feed it properly.
Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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