Are You Like Most Americans Who Eat 150lbs Of Sugar Per Year? 1/25/19

January 25, 2019

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

Cheese:  Milk really, that is made into a different form, a keto form. If you have studied health, especially keto, which is all the rage right now, you cannot miss the fact that carbs are a problem in the American diet today.  Not that carbs are bad, there are good ones, but in excess they cause all kinds of problems. So, more and more of us are finding the keto diet and experiencing tremendous results.  We think our cheese is one of the best and cheapest keto foods around and we are stocked up right now on all the best flavors, if you have not tried our Smoked Apple wood cheddar you need too. Someone asked me lately “isn’t this keto diet just the way people ate 100 years ago, before processed foods and sugar were put into everything?” Yes, it's true that 100 years ago the average American ate 20 lbs of sugar per person per year and now its over 150 lbs. So yes, the keto trend is sort of a return to the old ways, with a scientific, modern twist. It also involves healthy fat vs processed fats. One pound of potatoes has about a gram of fat, but made into French fries it goes up to 60 grams and the same 1 lb of potatoes made into chips has 600 grams of fat. Fat is not the issue if cooked in tallow or lard but when hydrogenated vegetable oil IS used the fat becomes a toxic issue. Sally Fallon calls French fries from McDonalds cancer sticks and if you do not get cancer you will get heart disease from the veggie oil. Stop it! Again, return to 100 years ago and use lard or tallow for cooking and making French fries. Lard is one of the highest food sources of vitamin D, anywhere. Store bought lard is sometimes hydrogenated and full of preservatives, but not ours, just cooked down the old way. We freeze it so no preservatives needed and very tasty. A VERY HEALTHY FAT! Dr Boz has many good you tubes on keto, VERY good stuff.

Scrapple: Down here in the south, people do not know what scrapple is but where I come from in PA it is well known. It is made from meat from the pig plus corn meal and a gelatinous broth, all formed into a loaf and frozen. After you buy it, thaw it in the fridge for 18 to 24 hours, then slice thin and fry in tallow, lard or bacon fat. I like it crispy but you will figure out how you like it. To bad this is NOT keto but you have to enjoy a little anyway. We get this from our Amish farm partners in PA and the pork is soy free, organic and the corn meal is heirloom and organic.  Order it here. 

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Soon Daddy will have another one of these "light" loads to partner with him during the day, as we are expecting baby number 7 in July!  This is Daniel, who is now 8 years old. (See picture)

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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