Is Grocery Store Food Really "Cheaper"? 6/16/17

June 19, 2017

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Hello SMALL Farm Enthusiasts,

The food we produce here is cheap, compared to the food you will get at
any store. Yes, it's true. Lets take milk for example, say you pay half
our price in the store but when you walk out carrying that gallon of
"milk" what you really have is  1/10th of some of the
important nutrients. For instance, CLA’s are almost nonexistent in store
milk but ours is 20 times more, plus. But our price is not 20 times
higher, just 2 or 3 times. If milk was sold for nutrients we would get
rich quick!  So what is CLA?  It stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acids
and these are fats that are anti-cancer, help you stay lean, and several
other health benefits. Sounds sort of important to me but ask Grandma
Google to see if she agrees or check out: . Anyway, 100 years ago in
this country when milk was produced more like we do here, 1 in 200
people got cancer, now its 1 in 2, any connection? I think yes. Creatine
is another nutrient, out of the many, that is almost non-existent in
store bought foods. It is an amino acid or protein that body builders
use in powder form to build muscle and is ten times higher in our meat
vs store meat, but the price of our meat is not ten times, just double
or triple. Hey you can pay me now or pay me later like the Fram Filter
add used to say. Why not be healthy now, if you do not have health what
is left? Not much.  Our food is cheap, really cheap because it actually
nourishes you at the cell level, store food leaves you starving at the
cell level and then all sorts of things go wrong. Your body makes 300
million new cells every 60 seconds, so just look at the food on your
plate at dinner.  Will the cells made in the next 24 hours be healthy,
medium, or weak cells.  Its your choice.  A few years of good food lead
to health, a few years of bad food to illness....its not rocket
science, just common sense. In 30 days you can have new skin, 6 weeks a
new liver, and one year new bones IF IF IF you just feed your body
properly. Try it, we have many people who have tried it and it is

Friendly Reminder: Double check your items at pick up.
Please help us out by making sure you have the right items and SIZE 
before leaving the pick up site. And if you are sending your husband,
please give him some details as to what you are getting or you may even
want to show him what your items look like by showing him the pictures
on our website, especially if you are picking up your order from a

The new land is now ours. We closed on it finally and it is a done deal. AND it is loaded with blackberries,
beautiful, ripe, juicy but hard to get blackberries. These berries are
the best in wild eating and we have a whole family here interning with
us and these kids are challenging our kids to pick berries, big time.
 Fun fun fun for us and good eating for you, we will sell fresh berries
as long as we have them, then frozen, we are freezing a LOT of berries
right now. The fresh berries are awesome for eating with our cream and
frozen are awesome for Blackberry cobbler and
right out of the container or with cream, too.  In the cobbler you lose
the raw berries and some of the benefits of eating raw but you gain the
taste of an awesome dessert that is superbly healthful.

In remembrance of HD
Many of you remember HD who did our delivery for many years with his
wife Michelle.  He passed away a couple of weeks ago of a heart attack.
He was a hard, steady worker and we were so sad to hear of his sudden
death.  He was a man of high standards, morals, and common sense.  If
anyone wants to send Michelle condolences her email is
or we can send you her address upon request.  HD has had several
ongoing health issues he struggled with for over 20 years which probably
contributed to the whole.

Upcoming FTN Class in Lake City. 
FTN (face, tongue, nail) is used in chinese medicine, and is about 2000
yrs old if not older.  Each organ can be mapped on the face, and it
also has to do with different seasons (ages) one goes through. This can
be used to confirm constitutional imbalances.  The tongue reflects the
health of the internal organs and blood circulation.  The nails can help
identify physical deficiencies.  Triangulation just helps to bring all 3
together for a complete assessment.  

The upcoming class in Lake City is from 3-9pm July 22, and 9-6 pm July
23.  It is open to anyone wishing to gain this knowledge.  The cost is
$397 and will be well worth the cost!  (The RBTI course that Monday is
open to anyone with a knowledge and understanding of RBTI already.)

Go to to learn more and sign up!

The local host for this class is C.J. Lewis of Simply Nutrilistic

Bed and Breakfast on the Farm! 
We mentioned in a previous report, opportunities to camp, in either
your tent, or ours or to use our little cabin (no electricity or running
water). We are thrilled to offer another option, should you choose. Our
neighbor has just refurbished a 350 square foot cottage on her property
that runs into ours. It is a delightful walk to the milking barn and
chickens, if you are coming for the farm experience.

This little gem has a full kitchen, living space with bed size of your
choice, and bath with brand new soaking tub. It’s air
conditioned/heated. So for glamping, i.e., glamorous camping,
and a more pampered experience on the farm, e-mail Miss Ellie for
availability and pricing, 

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,

Dennis and Alicia

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