You May Not Get Your Cream (or milk) This week (or the next) 6/30/18

June 30, 2018

Hello Small Farm Enthusiasts,

The main thing to report this round is that milk production is down, so many of you who have ordered cream will not get it during this time of low production.  We are so very sorry about this and will remedy this ASAP. Just know that we are doing our very best.  These foods do not just come out of the air and sometimes we just cannot control what happens here, no matter how hard we try. We do have frozen cream and we do have a good supply of cheese. If we find cows to buy we could remedy this quick, if not it could go several months. We will let you know what happens. This time no cream.  Lily has lots of goats milk right now but orders are high already as well, goats milk folks often tend to order early.

Old beater needed.  FCF needs an old car, truck or other. It could be a golf cart or anything that gets people around faster than 2 legs. Josh has come to take Ben's place here and is doing the pigs but needs a vehicle to get out to the woods and back with supplies and skim milk etc. Any old beater will do. We will buy or take a donation, we just want a deal. An old pick up truck would be great, or a jeep. It does not have to be road
worthy or registered or insured/insurable just drivable and alive/working or fixable.   

Pigs are back at FCF and it feels good. Pigs are a great asset to our regenerative land building program here, plus they taste soooo good. We will have halves and whole pigs available again soon, put your deposit down here.

Beef. Yes beef is coming too, our Tally Partner has LOTS of beef coming soon.  We have had zero complaints about this beef and LOTS of praise so all systems are go for our second year with this wonderful beef. We will be doing box beef from now on, no more hanging weights to confuse you, straight pay by the lb with discount for
quantity purchase, coming soon!   

 Puppies.  Lily has 2 left.  Jump on it for the best guard dog in town and end your stress with predators, now!

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,

Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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