Investment and Work Opportunites at Full Circle Farm 6/15/18

June 15, 2018

Smoked Applewood Cheddar is now available in 5 lb blocks for $12/lb. The smaller pieces are still available, too, for $16/lb which is a much better price than what we were selling it for before ($24/lb).  Our cheese is one of the best
buys we have.  First of all you cannot get our cheese in any store in the country because it is raw, 100% grass fed with very high CLA content. And second of all our prices on cheese are crazy cheaper than the stores compared apples for apples. This smoked cheddar comes from the farm I was raised on so it is very special and I know exactly how that farm has been farmed for 50 years. The best part of the short story is that I saw this farm
come from chemical farming, dead land to Organic for 35 years now and I witnessed first hand the wonderful transformation. Watching my brother change it to a sustainable, grass based operation from a conventional
one was the most important thing, in convincing me to return to farming. The way we farmed when I was a kid was not attractive to me but the regenerative farming is amazing, to say the least. Fun, safe and life giving instead of dangerous, scary and Boring to tears. By the way, we have a farmer near us who planted peanuts in a field next to us and I saw him in that field 3 days in a row spraying heavy chemicals. Peanuts grow in the ground meaning they are a root crop so there they sit in the chemical saturated ground.  Is it any wonder they are one of the most
allergenic foods known to man?

Anyone have 250K to invest? The owner of the above Peanut field past away 4 months ago, so this 40 acre field
with irrigation will be sold. If you buy it I will lease the land from you and together we will work together to turn those 40 acres into a sustainable farming operation.

There is also a house next door with nice garage, perfect for Jesse Greens Grits and Meal business. About 200k investment gets you home and business. Anybody tired of what they are doing and need a turnkey business?

How many remember Brian and Angela, our old piggy partners who moved to North Carolina? They sent there new
partner Graham to visit us and we will, in July, send our now piggy partners up to them for a few days to learn.  This was sort of an exchange student program. We loved it and hearing about how they have found and struck a nice deal with Graham and are partnering up to do great things in NC. This made me think about something we NEED, someone to join us here at FCF that wants to do a LARGE pastured poultry project. We could, like Graham, exchange work for rent and someone could get going here on our increased land base with a large pastured poultry operation. We need someone with marketing savvy as we would not market these birds ourselves, but have some land and infrastructure that would be available to partner out.   

Kiper's Return. Yes, another past intern family, the Kiper's, visited, after being gone for 3+ years, and
told us their story of living in a foreign land, working with indigenous farmers who are coffee growers and they, the buyers, send it to the USA. We may get some and sell it to our customers. Anyone looking for a good source of awesome coffee?

Update On Kyle's Dad.  Kyle who, along with his wife, is currently interning with us.  We let you know, a
few week's ago, how his dad was suddenly diagnosed with cancer, you can read about it here. Mark, is doing ok.  There is not a lot of news this early but the treatments for cancer have shrunken the tumors and the keto diet is
producing positive results, so we have very much hope that he will fully recover. He suffered a bout with e-coli but got past it and I think he is doing great for the diagnosis of near death just a month ago. We will keep you informed and updated in a few months.  

If you read this far, Congratulations!  You qualify to receive 10% off your total order.  Just use the coupon code: FCFNEWS

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia
Alicia Stoltzfoos

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