Would You Like More A2 Milk Products? We Are Listening 5/3/19

May 3, 2019

A-2 milk. You want it, we are producing it and it has been growing for us since we started offering it. So, the verdict is that it is working for you, I'm assuming. We try to listen and do what the customer wants. No, we cannot do everything you want as we are a small family farm but we do what we can. And you all have voted with your pocket book and said we want A-2 milk. Long before you voted (10 years) we decided it was a worthy theory to pursue and to us it is still unproven except with anecdotal evidence.  You the customer are saying you want it so we will continue down this trail. We have noticed a couple things on our end, that is that the A-2 cows are more old style docile, less high strung and a bit more pleasant to work with. The modern high strung Jersey is just not something I cherish. So, from that perspective it is good to go A-2.  With that, we would like to announce yet another A-2 product in our lineup, A-2 Dry Curd Cottage Cheese. In retrospect we could have done this a long time ago since dry curd is primarily used by cancer patients so it should have been A-2 ASAP but, we still struggle with the making of more  A-2 products, as supply is limited. But now, as A-2 production increases a bit we are adding new products.  Now, we offer gallons of milkKefir, Buttermilk and now dry curd cottage cheese. Overall demand is up and we are challenged to keep up and doing it as best we can without going into debt. The only debt we have is private mortgages, 3 of them, so for now that is enough. By the way, all goat's milk and sheep's milk is A-2 and those are in good supply now.

http://saferforyourhome.com/en/videos Tub and Tile from Melalueca. I have not mentioned Mela for a while but it is going well for us and I would welcome more people on board. In a word Melalueca has cleaners and other products we love that have less harsh chemicals in them and are good for the environment. Also, the number one call to Poison Control in the last 10 years has been dishwasher soap. Melalueca has one that works better, that does not need a child proof cap, in fact none of their cleaning products ever will. They do not need it.  They are membership driven and you have to buy about $70 worth of product, per month to be a member but try it and if you do not like it you just cancel, no questions asked. They have salve and insect repellent without DEET and  laundry detergent and several other products we just would not be without. Coffee and more but, like many stores, you do not have to buy everything they have, we just do not eat processed foods no matter how organic they are. If you would like more info just email me at thisisdennis@windstream.net and we will take it from there.

Pick Up Location News: For Jax folks who pick up at our North Jacksonville location.  A mini fridge is now available for after hours pick up. Also, customers are welcome to come by on Friday if they aren't able to make it on Thursday. 
New: Largo Pick Up Location, see the details here!

Pullets: Here is a video done by Caroline, our 14 year old daughter, of her young, soon to be, egg layers/pullets:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHzGxWKOOfg

Thanks for supporting a small, family farm and contributing to a more REGENERATIVE future,
Dennis and Alicia

Alicia Stoltzfoos

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