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Change is the one constant in life, we do not always like it but it happens. Rick and Erin came to us 5 months ago and have done a great job with orders, packing and several other things here like inventory control and more. Rick was excited about doing pastured poultry here and we got the license so we could sell these to restaurants and grow this thing ………..but then he got a call from Chic-fil-la where he worked as a manager before coming to work with us. At first he thought little of it until they offered him a LOT of money. Rick is young but he is extremely good with numbers, meticulous with organization and good with people, we will miss them both. We are looking for someone to replace him and his wife, Erin who has been our “Office Manager” these past months. We hope to find someone soon enough so that they can be trained by Rick and Erin before they leave. Help Wanted! We are looking for an Office Manager who is well organized, detail oriented and has strong computer skills to work with us 20-25 hours /week or more depending on desire and skill level. The person would be in charge of processing orders, answering phone calls and e-mails and updating inventory and other information on our website as well as keeping our Facebook page up to date. If interested please e-mail us and we can give you more details. The person would also need to live locally to our farm in Live Oak, FL.
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We are in the time of year when we are nurturing millions and millions of babies, rye plants that is! (No human babies from Alicia or Angela but I am sure we will have one or 2 of those by the next farm report!) We normally plant around November 1st but because of the warm weather this year it ended up being much later. It takes about 45 days for the rye to be mature enough to graze but once it comes it is the best time of year for us. The peas are still doing fine and the cows are in excellent condition but they will be very happy when the rye comes in, it is just the best. Help Wanted! We are looking for a person who is internet savvy with some web development experience to work with us. 20-25 hours /week or more depending on skill level. The person would be in charge of processing orders, answering phone calls and e-mails and updating inventory and other information on our website. If interested please e-mail us and we can give you more details.
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Happy New Year from FCF,
I found this to be brief, concise and helpful……for your health and the health of the planet.  Please vote with your pocket book and do not buy GMO goods http://organicconnectmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Natural-Vitality-Non-GMO-ebook.pdf   

Wild “Medicinal” Honey is back: https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store?q=honey  as is “No Spray” sweet potatoes:  https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/product/sweet-potatoes-40lb-box  from local farmer, Sammy Starling and many other goodies.  If you have not browsed our site in a while go for it.  2016 promises many good things and many predict bad as well but at FCF we are full steam ahead till the bottom falls out. My friend Scott decided to change his life in 2015 and in his 5th month with Melaleuca, made 150k and they are looking for people who want to make a bit more money on the side or a whole career change.  E-mail me and I will put you in touch with him imed.

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FCF News

Merry Christmas from FCF,
Give the gift of health this year to your loved ones by giving them the Nourishing Traditions DVD set by Sally Fallon Morell. It is one gift that will keep on giving for the rest of a person’s life.  In fact, if you have not seen these, give the gift to yourself then pass them on to anyone you care about. No need to say anything, they speak for themselves entirely.   The person to whom you give them to that takes the time to watch these DVDs will see that you care about them greatly.  We feel this set is one of the best, well referenced and the perfect blend between common sense and good science. https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/product/nourishing-traditions-dvd

This is absolutely stunning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DA_vbX_T1I
Not too bad either, and whatever goes for beef is the same for milk: http://empoweredsustenance.com/benefits-of-grassfed-beef/

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This is a great flavorful and healthier twist on traditional chili. The pumpkin is packedful of vitamins!

This recipe is great for a cool florida fall day!



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Rick and Erin have been on the farm for about three months helping out with organizing the orders, learning about the animals and meeting with customers at the farmers markets and South Florida delivery. Rick is very interested in learning all about raising chickens and has really enjoyed raising his first batch of 200+ Cornish Cross chicks. These chickens were raised a little differently than our daughter Caroline raised hers, they were fed Non-GMO feed exclusively and were divided into smaller coops that Rick built. They were rotated daily (3 times a day as they got larger) to allow them fresh grass and bugs. As with the other animals raised on this farm these chickens have never received vaccines, hormones or antibiotics. We are preparing to harvest the chickens next week and are gearing things up for them to fly out the door! The whole chickens will be sold as a Non-GMO Full Circle Farm product $5.50/lb with an average weight being around 4 lbs a bird. We also have bags of heads and feet, livers, hearts, gizzards and 13 piece cut-ups that will be available from these same birds. You can find them here:  https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store/poultry

The land is flowing with milk and HONEY here at Full Circle Farm.  Randy of Little River Organics and known for his Satsuma’s, Persimmons and Chestnuts, says that “the bees are on all you can eat from now till frost”.  Goldenrod and Spanish needle are  growing abundantly and, indeed, another good friend who keeps bees locally said, in about 3 weeks time, his bee hives had gone from half full to completely full of honey.  He had to harvest several gallons of honey so that the bees would keep making it.  Randy placed a couple of hives here at our farm and a lot of the nectar for this honey comes from a plant called Spanish needle and goldenrod. 

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Free Range and certified Non-GMO turkeys strutting around Eden Farm.  To order a small or medium sized turkey go to:   https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store?q=turkey.  Turkeys are amazing grazers and when allowed to be truly free range they eat, not only bugs, but a lot of grass and other plants growing in the pasture. 

Special Event!  Cows and Field Peas Day at Full Circle Farm
We have had tremendous response about our post about the peas we are grazing and have decided to show them off to all interested on November 14th. We will start the day with a 10am tour of FCF,  then lunch at noon and starting at 1PM, a complete tour of the peas and explanation of the entire process of planting to harvesting using your four-legged mowers.  All the details will be covered to be successful with your own peas on your own farm. The farm tour, lunch and field pea demonstration/explanation will be available for purchase separately so you can pick and choose what 3 parts you would like to participate in or you can register for all 3 for a slight discount. Register by buying these on the website before midnight November 12thhttps://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store/events

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We are so impressed with the desire for real 100% grass fed milk lately.  Our orders are up and we are very excited to be able to fulfill these and more.  We have learned from Jimmy, http://www.regengraze.com/, how to have abundant fall forage as you can see from the picture of the cows in the peas.  While I am not nearly as good at this as Jimmy I am pleased with the results this year. I will explain what we did with peas as it has been amazing how they turned out and how much the cows like to eat it.  In fall, winter and spring we use about 100 acres of grass but in summer grass grows crazy, so we only need half that acreage. Therefore, we set aside half of the ranch for winter growth.  The last time I rotated the cows through this area that is being set aside for the winter I spun out some good old native iron clay peas, with the tractor and as you can see they went wild. So, now, when our grass is declining, instead of having just grass that is low in protein for the cows as previous years we have all these high protein peas in with the grass. It is quite an awesome thing and I did not till my soil and lose organic matter at all to get this result. The cows are nuts about it and production is high and cream line is huge in the milk along with a LOT of color. THIS my friends is REAL 100% grass fed milk, high in CLA’s to reduce your chances of cancer and help you stay trim, go here for details http://www.eatwild.com/cla.html.  Meanwhile we heal the land and reduce CO/2 out of the atmosphere, oh yea it is ALL a very good thing. Drink more milk will you, forget the cheese, ha ha.

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Here is Caroline with Amber, one of our best guard dogs, out in the cool of the morning taking care of our meat bird chickens (Cornish Cross).  We have now butchered more than half of these birds and they are looking good in the freezer.  These whole chickens are $4/lb and were fed regular feed free of hormones and antibiotics.  They were truly free to range on pasture which means they also ate plenty of grass/weeds and bugs.  You can find them here:  https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/product/whole-chicken-fcf.   Also available are the feet and heads, livers, gizzards and hearts.  Eden Farm also has restocked their freezers and all of their Non-GMO certified chicken is now available.  Check out all they have to offer here: https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store/vendor/eden-farms.

TURKEYS! From Eden Farm. It is time to order your Pastured NGMO Thanksgiving turkeys! To reserve a turkey please choose which size you want and reserve it by paying a $20 down payment with your order. The sizes are:  Small(13-15 lb.), Medium(16-17 lb.), & Large(18-20 lb). The price is $7.00/lb.  To place a deposit go to https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store?q=turkey+deposit.

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Our 13 year old daughter, Lily, is our goat master here at FCF, she has 5 years of education on this at the school of hard knocks and is doing extremely well, keeping goats healthy without chemicals. This Spring she wanted to try finishing some lambs and has excelled at that as well. I only know of one other farm in FL that does not worm their sheep with chemicals.  This is rare and Lily has done a great job without the use of chemicals and from her years of experience with goats. The Lamb is now ready to go, see it on our site and support our youngest partner by eating some incredible lamb:  https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store/lamb.

Chestnuts from Little River Organics.  These incredible nuts have the carbohydrate profile of brown rice AND the Amino acid Profile of an egg, power packed food at its finest!  Try their sweet persimmons as well!  Look for them in the "Garden" category: https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store/garden.

Several whole, half and quarter beef is now available. We will list what we have on the site with prices and when gone the season is over for this year.

Website Updates....
We recently added a new section to the website which can be found under the About Us Page.  It is titled FAQs and includes various questions that we are asked

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8 Pig Tails, rinsed

6 cloves garlic, halved

1 onion, coarsley chopped

1 tsp. red pepper flakes, or to taste

1 tsp. salt

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Meet Your Farmer in Orlando date is set for September 17th.  Alicia and I will travel to Orlando and share about what, why and how we do what we do.  Contact steve@farmfreshdirect2u.com for details of the event.  Hope to meet you there!

Brian and Angela who do the pork operation here are leaving us for higher ground. They inherited 50 acres of land in North Carolina and will be moving
there sometime in spring. We need someone to step into those shoes here at Full Circle Farm, a good solid growing forest-raised pork business waiting for the right person/couple/family to take over. We do not need someone with farming experience as Brian and Angela will spend 3-4 months training the right person and ensuring a successful hand off of the business. If interested email them directly at angelabowen@gmail.com. There are different options for taking over the business which can be discussed with the right person and that include varying levels of starting capital.This is not a job but a business/partnership of your own. We have loved the time we had with Brian and Angela as they had become a part of our family.  We are sad to see them move on but excited for their new opportunity and the impact they will make in North Carolina.

Please see our Products page at https://fullcirclerealfoods.com/store to view the many new products we have to offer such as:  Wild Caught Florida Gator, Muscadine Grapes, Perssimons and Organic/Soy Free Stewing Hens.  A note about the persimmons:  Little River Organics is picking them now! Sweet, ripe, juicy and bursting with flavor and zero chemicals in the growing process, these can be frozen for eating as pop sickles later, our kids love them that way. Saijo, smaller egg sized fruits are available shortly and larger heart shape Tannenashi will come towards Oct into Nov...Since the fruits mature gradually.. order early and orders will be filled as they become available...Frozen persimmons are available for sale, now, for local customers.